Russia is developing an airborne laser system

Russia is developing a military airborne laser system based on the IL-76 and designed to counter enemy intelligence means in different environments. The design in principle is not new as it was started in 1980. But a decade later, the funding was ceased because of lack of money, however now it was recommenced and goes as planned. However, some military experts doubt the effectiveness of the installation and consider spending money on it is absolutely unnecessary and ruinous to the Russian budget.

The complex is designed to transmit laser energy to remote objects in order to counter the infrared opto-electronic means of the enemy. The laser is able to paralyze the work of intelligence facilities located in space, air and ground.

Many experts do not rule out that the development of such systems is a matter of prestige for the Russian army. The Americans have already created and are testing the airborne laser, which gave a boost to domestic developments, reports Vesti FM. 

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